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Full Board: $ 650.00  monthly includes morning and evening  grain, up to 8 quarts , all day turn out, 3 healthy servings of hay a day,  shavings for matted stalls. Many extras, No hidden fees. Single and group turn out available.
Our Boarding agreement
Our Schedule
The horses eat there morning grain in the stall, then are turned out to paddocks with hay and fresh water. In the early afternoon they receive a flake of lunch hay. Horses are brought in early evening to hay, grain and water in the stalls.  During the spring and summer months the horse stay out til dusk.  Summer time they are sprayed with no sweat fly spray prior to turn out.  In the winter they may stay out for less time depending on the weather, if they did get wet from snow they are brought in to extra hay to ensure they dry off before night time. We do not turn horses out in the rain, in the summer maybe if it is not a storm, colder months definately not.
Our stalls are matted, with shavings.

Rough boardAn agreement for rough board can be worked out with the owner Annette by calling 978-468-3300.

Included: All boarders have full use of the indoor ring. Trails are in walking distance from the barn. We are open seven days a week. Night time riding is welcomed, we ask you just turn out the lights when you are done. We do not open or close at any set time.
The owners live on the property making it easy to tend to horses as needed.
Medications and supplements can be added to your grain if you supply them. There is no extra charge for this service.
Seven Acres Farm does  not have any hidden cost, or  contract for you to use our instructor. Your personal  farriers, vets,  and family  are always welcome.
Our Barn ....No you will not find grass pastures at Seven Acres. Sorry....Realistically we have dirt paddocks. The horses go out everyday for at least eight hours. Grass can not grow with them out there that much. Our barn is a "horse barn", we cater to the horses.   The horses get hay while they are out.  And everybody is welcome to lead there horse to grass areas for grazing.
Here are a few picture's of a couple of our paddocks. We do have more paddocks than these.
Stalls available 
                                                              indoor ring
         Seven Acres Farm
Tack Room                                                
Turn out
Turn out
Turn outTurn Out                                                                 
                                                Stalls available                           
Indoor riding ring/ Arena                    
                                 tack area
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